I’m officially published

So weeks ago I said that I was going to be published. Well, now it’s happened! I’m super excited and totally relieved that it’s finally done! I did, however, have a stop breathing scare a few weeks ago. I was retyping my book “If Our Stones Could Talk” and saving it on a flashdrive. So far, so good, right? Wrong! I must have bumped the flashdrive on the side of my laptop because all of a sudden I had the laptop in my right hand, and a flashdrive in several pieces in my left hand! My mind went blank ~ 70 pages gone. But were they truly gone? I figured out how to put the flashdrive back together but no success was to be had. I had a hard copy I was typing from, but ugh! All that work. After I regained breathing skills again, I went to my laptop and noticed that it had saved everything to date on the hard drive! Yay ~ I was back in business. I did however, finish the book on the desktop, just to make sure. Technology has its benefits, but remember – it’s limited – we’re the only ones with the power to enter our creations from our heads, down through our fingers, and onto the computer. So long story short, please check out my new published creation “If Our Stones Could Talk” on http://www.smashwords.com site. Thanks, take care. Looking forward to your comments!

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